‘Ukulele clubs are springing up like….well…fleas! I know there are a lot more out there, so please let me know if you know of any others that need to be added to the list.  


Berkeley Ukulele Club

Napa Valley Flea Jumpers


San Francisco Ukulele Rebellion!


Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz

Ukulele University

Ukuleles of Paradise


Baywood Ukulele Social Club

Funstrummers Ukulele Band of Modesto

Turlock Uke Jams


Kolohe Ukulele Club

Moonlight Beach Strummers

Pluckin’ Strummers

STRUM! Ukulele Jam

Ukulele Society of America


Portland Ukulele Association


North Eugene Ukulele Orchestra

Mele ‘Ohana


Bellingham Ukulele Group (BUG)

Olympia Aloha Ukulele Players


LAUGH (Lansing Area Ukulele Group)

MMUGS (Mid-Michigan Ukulele Group Strum)

BUGS (Beginning Ukulele Group Stars

HUG (Hudsonville Ukulele Group

SUGAR (Saginaw Ukulele Gurus And Rookies)


Ukulele Fight Cub (St. Louis & Kansas City)


Dallas Ukulele Headquarters

Kansas City Ukesters

Ukulele Club of Las Vegas

Cleveland Jumping Flea

Cheezeland Uke Band

Normal (IL) Ukulele Fun Jam

Ukulele Club of Winnipeg




8 Responses to “Ukulele Clubs & Jams”

  1. Hello,

    Please list our uke club. We are
    BUG (Bellingham Ukulele Group in Bellingham Washington.

    We have been around for almost three years now, have 80 or so members, and often bring in well known uke performers and teachers to do workshops for our club memebers and concerts for our community.


    Ukulele daily,
    Aryn Whitewolf, Club Founder

    1. nvfj Says:

      Done! Thanks for the info.

      1. Char Poth Says:

        Could you update the website for the Bellingham Ukulele Group (BUG). We can now be found at http://www.bellinghamukulelegroup.com. Thanks so much, and keep on Strumm’in. Char

  2. David Firman Says:

    The Kansas City Ukesters is a club in Missouri that has been going strong for 3 1/2 years. We have about 100 members and would love a listing on your website. Thanks!

  3. Hi there,

    We’ve a new ukulele club in Los Angeles, if you wouldn’t mind adding it to you list.
    The Pluckin’ Strummers meets every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month from 10:00am to noon at Christ Church Griffith Park in Atwater Village, 3852 Edenhurst, Los Angeles, CA

    Our Website: http://pluckinstrummers.wordpress.com/

    Our goal as a ukulele club is to have fun, share our love of music and grow our skills. We are a welcome place for beginners and a home to players of all skill levels. Join us!

    T&A Ukulele

  4. Richard Head Says:

    I haven’ t been there, but is ure looks like fun:

    Roseville CA

  5. Ralph Kelley Says:

    Those in the Tulsa OK area are active in the Tulsa Ukulele Club tulsaukes.blogspot.com

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