Camp Oo-Koo Lay Lay

Filling the need for a multi-generational family ukulele camp! Usually held in August, in conjunction with Cal Alumini Association’s (UC Berkeley) Lair of the Golden Bear, at Pinecrest in the beautiful Central Sierra Nevada. A full week of ukulele instruction and merriment in the context of a regular summer camp for families. In addition, all attendees at Camp Oo-Koo-Lay-Lay will have full access to all of the activities and programs available to every other camper at the Lair of the Golden Bear (including free baby sitting) with the added benefit of specific ukulele instruction, workshops, jam sessions, and ukulele camp fires each night, and our own time on the Camp Oski Stage. Basically it’s a summer camp for people of the ukulele persuasion, especially those who’d like their non-uke-centric family members to join them. And, the best news is, “flex stays!”  You can come for as many (or as few) days as you’d like.

West Coast ‘Ukulele Retreat

Four days (and nights) of ‘ukulele immersion at Asilomar, on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula of California. Generally held in May. Includes fun, informative ukulele workshops with the best instructors from across the nation and classes in ukulele building, as well.  Evenings are packed with ukulele entertainment and countless opportunities to jam. A great opportunity to learn and have fun while making new ukulele friends in a fabulous setting.

Aloha Music Camp

This is an amazing week of Hawaiian cultural immersion with the incredible Beamer family and friends.  In addition to ‘ukulele, you can learn hula, slack key guitar, Hawaiian lap steel, Hawaiian language and chant, and  you can even build your own ukulele under the tutelage of Dennis Lake. It really is an amazing week, with memories that will last a lifetime.  Everyone should go at least once.

California Coast Music Camp

While it’s no longer held on the California Coast, I’ve heard nothing but good things about its new location in the Gold Country. You’ve got a whole bunch of major talent  teaching ukulele classes and everything from The Smokin’ Shoo-Be-Doo-Wop Choir to Beginning Irish Fiddle. Looks like a blast!

Lark Camp

I’ve been three times and can’t wait to go again.  This is a full week of musical bliss in the rustic Mendocino Woodlands held at the beginning of August with every instrument imaginable and at least one dance every night.  Great food and wonderful company and a fabulous family vacation.  Lots of ‘ukulele workshops.  Activities for kids. Music, music, everywhere. It is truly something to behold.

Puget Sound Guitar Workshop

I’ve not been to this one, but I hear it is the mother of all guitar workshops.  And, what a beautiful place to spend a week!  They, too, have the A-list of ukulele instructors. Classes are small and there’s an opportunity to take three full-6-hour classes a week. Tuition is just $799 per session. From what I hear, this one fills up fast, so be sure to get your application in.

E Ho’omau ‘Ukulele Workshop & Retreat  

Two days and three nights of Hawaiian immersion right here in wine country. ‘Ukulele instruction with Kimo Hussey and Tim Dang, feather lei workshops with Herman Mossman Tachera, and classes in hula, oli (chant), and ‘olelo (language) with our buddy, Liko Puha. I was unable to attend last year, but I do know a couple of the instructors and can’t imagine this will be anything but excellent.

Wine Country  ‘Ukulele Festival

This one just keeps getting bigger and better every year with 2-days of workshops and performances the first week-end after Labor Day, by some of the most well-known names in the ‘ukulele world, today: James Hill, Gerald Ross, Del Rey, Victoria Vox, Ralph Shaw, Faith Ako, Steven EspaniolaLil Rev, Aaron Keim, Brook Adams, and the list keeps growing. Subscribe to the festival website and receive the latest news as it unfolds.  Stay Tuned!

3 Responses to “Camps & Workshops”

  1. Chuck Buchanan Says:

    There is a new music school in San Anselmo. I suggested they might add ukulele and received this response:
    Hi Chuck,

    Thanks for writing. Right now we are only teaching guitar lessons, but
    we do hope to branch out in the future- so when we’re ready for ukulele
    I’ll certainly let you know. In the meantime, we’d love to have some
    ukulele players show up to our weekly Thursday jam sessions- so feel
    free to pass the word along to any players you think might be

    Lyzy Lusterman
    Registrar, String Letter Music School

    Check the schedule at

  2. Prem Taylor Says:

    Love the info.

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