Aloha Flea Jumpers!

Just wanted to let you all know about a new communcations option for ukulele players in Wine Country (and beyond):  Wine Country Ukulele Meet-Up. Ideally this will make posting updates about upcoming gatherings easier and provide a better option for RSVPing so we have a better idea of how many are coming.  It should also provide a more efficient means for posting about other meetings and ukulele events that you guys might be interested in.

So please, pay a visit , and sign-up and be sure to tell your ukulele friends!

Also, I had a huge response to my request for listings for other West Coast ukulele clubs……so please bear with me as I update that page.

And finally, some of you may be wondering why we have a Hawaiian Airlines logo on the Flea Jumpers webpage.  First of all…if you link to Hawaiian Airlines through that logo, you will receive an automatic 5% off your total fare on Hawaiian Airlines.  AND, if you are a frequent flier member, you will also get your frequent flier miles.  But, in addition, the Wine Country Ukulele Festival will get an equal number of frequent flier miles posted to its account, which we can then use to bring Hawaiian performers and instructors to the Wine Country Ukulele Festival.  It’s a win-win! 

See you on the 27th!