There will be a fantastic, action-packed evening of ‘ukulele entertainment at Oxbow Public Market, in Napa on Friday, August 12 and we need all of you to participate!  All you need to bring is your ‘ukulele–carefully concealed of course, until the “unveiling.”

Please arrive at Oxbow Market no later than 6:30pm as we want to have a crowd in place when the signal is given to begin at 6:45pm.  At that time, King Kukulele, our fearless (and I do mean fearless) flash mob leader will jump up upon a table in the main marketplace hall and begin strumming.  Your signal to whip out your ukulele (please arrive with it concealed in a shopping bag/under a coat/hidden and inconspicuous however you can) will be when he throws his ukulele, which will attached to a bungee cord.  Once that happens, get out your ukulele and begin strumming and singing along.  King Kukulele will keep the song going and then lead all the uke strummers in a parade around the music hall and then out onto the riverside patio where the rest of the evening’s entertainment will take place outside amongst the tiki torches and fireplace.  

To learn the song that you’ll be joining in on, please have a look at this exclusive video made by the King for your eyes only:  
For those of you needing something written down, here’s a version of Hawaiian War Chant that you can download. 
Feel free to pass this along to all your ukulele-playing friends.  
BUT, for your non-ukulele playing pals, let ’em know to come down to Oxbow for a fantastic night of merriment (a flash mob should be kept secret!).  You can even send along this flyer to anyone you want to come on down (notice there’s no mention of the flash mob: secrecy is key!). There will be food and wine specials at Oxbow as well as a vintage aloha-wear marketplace.  Kala has donated one of their whimsical novelty ukes to give away and we’ll be answering questions and accepting registrations for the Wine Country Ukulele Festival. Tons of fun to be had for sure and it’ll be a benefit for the Napa Valley Youth Symphony.