Thank-you, all you wonderful Flea Jumpers, for your help and support in putting together the most successful Wine Country Ukulele Festival ever!  You opened your hearts and homes to visiting performers and ukulele digintaries, you stuffed and organized registration packets, you showed up early to wipe down tables and chairs and greet our visitors with courtesy and charm, you monitored workshops, you sold merchandise and raffle tickets and helped people register for workshops, you emptied trash, you helped direct parking, you answered numerous questions, you made and hung signs, you set up and took down canopies and moved countless tables and chairs from place to place, you made personal donations of ukuleles to Andy Andrews’ program in Hawaii, you ate ice cream (thanks to Curtis), and so much more.  And you did it all with a smile!  Thank-you so very much!

In case you missed it, here is another little scene from the day:

Flea Jumpers this Sunday

OK. It’s that time again: Flea Jumpers this Sunday, September 26. But we’re going to shake it up a bit. It is also happens to be the day of “The Mighty Uke” screening at the Castro Theater in San Francisco and the attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records.

So, instead of  getting together at the Gordon Heuther Studio in Napa, we’re having a FIELD TRIP to the Castro Theater to watch the “Mighty Uke” in San Francisco and join the world’s biggest gathering of ukuleles for a strum-along.

Click here for directions to the Castro Theater.  BART (wherever you can catch it) looks like a great option, as parking near the theater is pretty sparse.  Show starts at 3:00.

If you would like to meet at the Gordon Heuther Studio (1821 Monticello Road) at noon and carpool to the city together, please contact Eva at and let her know BEFORE Sunday morning.

Hope you all can make it. This should be just plain fun!