DSC08680Quick reminder:  Flea Jumpers will be gathering at the new NapAloha Store at 1428 Main Street, St. Helena, at 6pm, Sunday, July 26.  Steve and Diana will be digging up some wine from their personal cellar, but we need to bring the pupus and other beverages.  If you haven’t visited NapAloha already, you’re in for a treat: in addition to very cool, colorful clothes, she’s selling ‘ukuleles AND raffle tickets for a koa concert Ohana ‘ukulele, on behalf of the festival.  We  had a ball celebrating Cheers at NapAloha a couple of Friday’s ago (great poke, Steve!) and Diana will be making the store available for other ‘ukulele and Flea Jumper events (including, maybe, hula!)  in the future  Anyway, be sure to bring any new songs you might be working on and about 12 copies.  If you have a music stand, please bring that as well.  I have one extra Flea Jumper Songbook if anyone wants to buy it ($14).

I understand you all worked on a “new” song in my absence: Bye Bye Birdie.  If you missed the meeting, you can download it from the Song Files.  I’ve also added a different version of Moon Glow…such a great song…it’s one of the ones James Hill uses in his “Swing, ‘Ukulele, Swing” workshops. Remember, the Song Files page only has a few of the songs (mostly the new ones) from the Flea Jumper Songbook.

Speaking of James Hill, (nice segue, eh?) don’t forget that you will be able to take one or two workshops from him AND hear him play at the Wine Country ‘Ukulele Festival.  If you haven’t already subscribed to that weblog, you should do so now.  (Click here.)  Registration has not opened yet but we are accepting vendor applications for the part of the festival taking place at Beringer Vineyards, Saturday October 10.  And, we’re still looking for sponsors; if you know of anyone or have any ideas, please let me know.  We’re particularly looking for individuals, groups, or organizations that would be willing to underwrite concerts and workshops for public school kids and/or the Boys and Girls club.  Our good friends from Petaluma, the  Petalukes, have already signed on to sponsor a performance by Ralph Shaw for the vets at the California Veteran’s Home in Yountville. To raise funds for this they’re all busy planning a lu’au to be held at the Moose, Saturday August 29

It’s a busy week for ukesters.  We’ve got the Santa Cruz ‘Ukulele Club meeting with Bob Brozman this Thursday, and the first of  Bob’s ‘ukulele workshops starting this Saturday.  We’ve got FleaFest on Sunday, PLUS… 


You can go to the audition and still make it back to NapAloha in St. Helena in time for Flea Jumpers! Click here for more information.

And, this just in from Ross Randrup at Verdant Motors in Sebastopol:

Led Flyer for email

Ledward Kaapana (also known as “Led”) is one of the most respected slack key guitarists in the world, and he plays a mean ‘ukulele. He will have you laughing before he plucks a single string, crying with his tender rendition of Roberta Flack’s ‘Killing Me Softly’, then on the edge of your seat with his antics and guitar tricks ala Uncle Fred Punahoa. His mastery of stringed instruments–`ukulele, autoharp, and especially slack key guitar–and his extraordinary baritone and leo ki`eki`e (falsetto) voices, have made him a musical legend. His easy-going style and kolohe (rascal) charm, have created a loyal corps of “Led Heads” from Brussels to his birthplace on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here’s your chance to become a “Led Hed,” too. 
Here’s a  little sample of what’s in store:

Wow! He makes it look so easy! To purchase tickets for what looks a very special evening, please visit An Intimate Evening with Ledward Kaapana

And then, head on down to the Presidio in San Francisco for the 15th Annual San Francisco Aloha Festival, August 1 & 2, for two full days of Hawaiian Food, Art, Music, and Dance. The festival is free, but there’s a $7.00 fee to park at the Presidio. 

Lark CampI’d be there in a heartbeat, but it’s the same time as Lark Camp, where (wonder of wonders) registration is still open!  This will be our third year there!  Can’t wait! I plan on figuring out how to join Rebecca King’s “Bolero” group with my ‘ukulele and dancing ’til dawn!  If you’re looking for something to do in August, I highly recommend it! 

And, on the chance you’re planning a trip to the Reno area any time soon, you might want to schedule it around an opportunity to join Doug Reynolds and company at 88 Cups in Minden.


That’s it for now, except that it’s time to start thinking about what you all want to perform at the Wine Country ‘Ukulele Festival. (“Comments” would be a good place to get a dialogue going about this.) I’ve left a 10 – 15 minute tme slot open for us to razzle and dazzle ’em. So, pull out your favorite songs and PRACTICE so we can end up sounding as good as this guy:

And don’t forget to order your Jake Shimabukuro tickets for his October 21 concert at the San Francisco Jazz Festival.