Aloha Everyone,

I hear you all had a great time at Judd’s last Sunday. It should’ve given you a good opportunity to practice for TONIGHT!

Just a reminder, it’s the Grand Opening of the NapAloha store, 1428 Main Street in St. Helena, on the north end of town, next to Lyman Park. Taylor will be busking with his ‘ukulele out on the sidewalk in front, but we get to play inside. Hope you can come….I don’t want to do it alone! Be sure to bring your FleaJumper Songbook and a music stand if you have one. I plan on getting there around 5:30, but the CHEERS! Event (involving all “downtown” merchants) starts at 6:00. Even if you don’t want to “perform” in public, please come and help support our good friend, Diana and your fellow Flea Jumpers!

See you tonight.