kimo_husseyAloha everyone.  It’s another beautiful day in paradise. Kimo Hussey joined us for dinner and kani ka pila the night before last.  What a treat that was! Love for the ‘ukulele just exudes from every pore.  And such talent!  Hope you’ll all get a chance to meet him at the festival in October, if not sooner. (Don’t forget about his E Ho’omau ‘Ukulele Workshop and Retreat coming up Sept. 25-27.)  In the meantime, the beach is calling, so I’ll try to make this fast.

Thank you to Terry and Marion for an absolutely lovely gathering last month.  Terry introduced a couple of  great songs that he found on the Doctor Uke website.  I’ve added them to the Song Files page so you can print them out: MoonglowBlowin’ In the Wind, and (I think) It’s Only a PaperMoon. While all of the songs in the Flea Jumper Songbook are not lised on the Song Files page, all of the songs on the Song Files page are in the book.  So if you haven’t done so already,  print them out and add them to your book to keep it up to date. By the way, if you haven’t paid a visit to the Doctor Uke site yet, you should.  There’s lots of great information for ‘ukulele players there, in addition to a great collection of songs. He’s also got a pretty informative collection of tutorials that should keep you busy for awhile.

JuddNext Fleafest! You lucky dogs.  Judd will be hosting the June  Flea Fest  at Judd’s Hill Winery on Sunday,  June 28, at 5 pm. You know the drill.  Everyone is welcome (that includes all ages and levels of expertise). Please bring pupus to share, and, even though it is at a winery, feel free to bring extra wine and/or other libations.  And don’t forget your Flea Jumper Songbooks! If you’re bringing a new song to share, be sure to bring at least 12 copies so everyone can have one.  I’ll miss you all.  Have fun and sing one for me!  (It would be helpful if you could RSVP under “comments” so Judd can anticipate how many are coming.)

 And that’s not all.  The Flea Jumpers have been invited to play and sing at the Grand Opening of NapAloha, on Friday, June 3.  (I’ll be back by then…everyone needs to practice “My Little Wine Rack.”) Some of you may remember Diana Perez’ colorful clothing booth at the Wine Country ‘Ukulele Festival last October…..and it was her husband, Steve Gage, who hosted the fabulous Flea Jumper Holiday Hullabaloo at Miner Family Vineyards last December. Well, Diana has taken the plunge and will be opening a store on Main Street in St. Helena, near Crane Park and across from Vanderbilt’s and the Silverado Credit Union.  Diana will not only be selling terrific island wear, but wi’ll also have a small selection of ‘ukuleles and other related accessories. So, please, let me know if you can make it….it’ll be a sorry site if I have to go solo.  And, if you have a music stand, please bring it.  It’s going to be pretty informal, so don’t fret.  Just come out to play and sing.  That’s also the night of the monthly Cheers! celebration (details below) in St. Helena, so it should be a fun evening all the way around.


CHEERS! is back again on Friday July 3rd!

You’ve survived another month, and its time to celebrate with CHEERS!
Join us as we enjoy friendship, wine and the beauty of St. Helena yet again! Its going to be a great social, so bring your friends too!

Friday July 3rd, Downtown St. Helena, 6:00-9:00pm
Over 60 World Class Wineries Pouring

Join us to celebrate friendship! Toast your friends, meet some new friends and kick it up St. Helena Style! Last month turned out over 1200 people, and coming July 3rd we are expecting even more friends to attend!

More than 60 of Napa Valley’s Top Wineries will be pouring wine, merchants and galleries will stay open, and it’s going to be a kicking great time!


You may have heard rumors, but its true! The Napa Valley Wine Train will be stopping in St. Helena for CHEERS! On July 3rd, the train will be providing round-trip service from Napa to St. Helena, picking up guests in Napa and Yountville and bringing them to CHEERS! There will even be a CHEERS! featured winery pouring for the ride. For train tickets from Napa or Yountville, call the Napa Valley Wine Train – 707.253.2111

As if that isn’t enough great news for you, CHEERS! is closing off Hunt Ave. between Main St. and Railroad Ave to create the “Hunt Street Friendship Lounge.” Complete with a café setting, the Lounge also will include a live band. Another musical venue has been added on Adams St. and in the building beside Sunshine Foods. Taco trucks will also be located at each venue, providing great food for everyone.

Ride your bicycle to CHEERS! and take advantage of FREE valet bicycle service at St. Helena Cyclery 1156 Main St.

Be sure to check out our website to see Special CHEERS! highlighs, including “Before & After” Parties and all the CHEERS! Social details.

Admission to CHEERS! is FREE.
Tickets to taste Napa Valley’s world class wines may be purchased:
$5 per taste
$35 Day Pass to taste all wines
$100 VIP Season Pass to taste all wines, all season now through October

So, please, walk, ride, drive, or fly to St. Helena, Friday, June 3, around 6pm (and don’t forget your ‘ukulele, music stand, and Flea Jumper Song Book) to help give NapAloha a rousing send off. 

More Flea Jumper News

This just in from our good friend and fellow Flea Jumper, Andrew Moore:

AMDear friends,
I will be teaching/directing a Musical Theater component for MidSummer MusiCamp, a 2-week music program for kids starting July 27. I have attached a flyer with more info, in case you know of any youngsters who might be interested.
Please feel free to share or forward the flyer.
Thank you!
Andrew Moore

We are so lucky to have this amazing talent in our midst.  If you know of any youngsters who might enjoy this opportunity to work with Andrew, please pass this information along. 

OK.  That’s it for now. Gotta run strum.  Here’s a little medley from Kimo at the Windy City Uke Fest to keep you inspired until next time.  (Doesn’t he make it look easy?)