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Another Little Reminder About March 29, 6:pm

Hope to see you at Yo el Rey.  Remember, the theme for this month is Hapa Haole music.

Also, it’s not too soon to start inquiring about a host for next month????? Step right up! No waiting!

Thursday Evening at Nimbus

Thank you, everyone, who came out last Thursday for the Thursday Night Flea Jumper Follies at Nimbus Arts.  Unfortunately, I cannot make it next Thursday, March 26, so we will have to cancel. (I am so sorry.) That doesn’t mean you should leave your ‘ukulele buckled up in its case for another week.  You all have plenty of material to practice.  Or, perhaps you’d like to make the trek down to Santa Cruz for their well-worth-the-drive monthly meeting:

• Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz •

 • Thursday March 26th •

• Open Mic & Amateur Night
 and this time the theme is
“You & the Uke You Rode In On”
Every performance at least a duet – or more
Big groups are Good!
Small Groups are good!
Multiple stage appearances are good!
If you are a solo act, partners will be available that night!
• Bass players, back up singers, rhythm sections, jugglers, hula dancers, just ask! •
and finally… If you just don’t want a stage companion then tell us you’ve got a make-believe one – we’ll probably go for it….

Food, friends, drinks, and music start at 6
Meeting starts about 7
Bocci’s Cellar Restaurant •  140 Encinal Street • Santa Cruz


If you haven’t done so already, check out the new tabs on Camps and Workshops. I’m sure I didn’t get them all, so if you know of any others (especially if you’ve been and can give us a report) please let me know. Thanks to Clarice at Petalukes I will have fliers with details on all the instructors and workshops for the California Coast Music Camp at our next gatherings…until I run out of them. Remember how much fun you used to have at summer camp?  Well, you’ve still got it, baby!

Here is a little teaser announcing a special event at Lark Camp, hosted by our very own Rebecca King: A Midnight Delight

You’ll also see  a link to other ‘Ukulele Clubs (such as Petalukes) in case you just can’t get enough ‘ukulele in the week.

I’m also slowly building a  file of songs from the Flea Jumper Songbook  in .pdf format (see Song Files above) so you can download them and print them for yourself.  One big advantage to this, besides being able to share, is that we can take advantage of color printing!  New songs for this week: “My Little Wine Rack” (Sung to the tune of “My Little Grass Shack”) and a “Beautiful Kaua’i/Hanalei Moon” medly.  

And to help you find some songs to bring to our next Flea Fest , you’ll also find links to some great sites (see Song Sources above) that have loads of songs already in the .pdf format for you to download and print out.  When you bring a song from one of these lists,  let me know which one you got it from and I can add it to our list. 

Wine Country ‘Ukulele Festival Update

The dates for the 2nd annual ‘Wine Country Ukulele Festival have been set for the weekend of Sept. 11-12-13. Friday night’s event (a very casual “luau,” kanikapila, Maikai Gents performance, and one more special event we can’t discuss yet) will be held at Judd’s Hill Winery  on the Silverado Trail in Napa.  Everything else will be up in Calistoga. Because it is a weekend and a very busy time of year up here, we probably will not be able to get any special “deals” for our out-of-town guests at any of the Calistoga spas or resorts.  However, there are still  relatively inexpensive rooms available in Calistoga for that weekend.  (I know of someone who has already booked her room at the Calistoga Spa.) So, if you know of anyone coming from afar and  planning on staying up in Calistoga, please encourage them to make their reservations now.  Don’t forget, we have a terrific state park here, Bothe State Park, right on Highway 29 between St. Helena and Calistoga (next to the Tucker Farm Center) if they want to camp or have a motor home. And, because we’ve bumped the festival up a month, we should have lovely, warm evenings.

And this just in from NAMM:

Study Shows Reduction in Access to Music and Arts Education for Public School Students as a Result of the No Child Left Behind Act.

March 16th, 2009 – WASHINGTON – Senators Chris Dodd (D- CT) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) today announced the release of a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study addressing access to music and arts education for public school students as a result of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). Dodd and Alexander called for the study in response to reports that the testing requirements of NCLB were forcing some schools, particularly those that serve low-income and minority students, to narrow their curriculum and restrict access to music and arts education.

“This study’s findings clearly show that many students across the country are losing their chance to study music and the arts,” said Dodd, Chairman of the Children & Families Subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. “I hope the Department of Education will follow the GAO’s recommendation and conduct further research into this disturbing trend. Moreover, I hope that the GAO will reconsider its conclusions by reviewing current research on arts education and student outcomes. No child – regardless of family income, race, or hometown – should be denied the opportunity to discover and develop his or her unique talents.”

Now more than ever, local communities need to voice their support for music in schools. Visit for community advocacy tools. 

See you soon!